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As an ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church, a trained mediator and a certified mediation trainer, Pastor Wayne Smith offers a variety of services and seminars aimed at equipping pastors, managers and families to avoid and solve interpersonal and interdepartmental conflict.


Born Again at a Wesleyan youth camp on April 1st 1978.
Called of God into full time ministry at I.W.Y.C., Urbana, Illinois, December 1978.
Entered Bible College in 1980.


"Married to my neighborhood sweetheart in 1988. We met in 1973 across the garden fence."
Son, named Daniel born in 1990.
Daughter named Tatum born in 1995.


Graduated from Wesleyan Evangelical Seminary in South Africa -1984.
Ordained in the Wesleyan Church - 1987.
Graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University (M.A.) - 1993
Graduated from the University of South Africa (M.Th.) - 1998
Ph.D. in Conflict Management (degree in progress) - Trinity Theological Seminary.

Mediation Training and Certification.
  • "Conflict Transformation" training from Mediation and Facilitation Training Institute, Akron, Pennsylvania.
  • "Manager as Mediator" training from Mediation Training Institute International, Kansas City, Kansas.
  • "Do-It-Yourself Mediation" training from Mediation Training Institute International, Kansas City, Kansas.
  • "Community Mediation" training from Mediation Center of Eastern Carolina, Greenville, North Carolina.
  • "Family Mediation" training from Susan Green of Guilford Psychiatric Center, North Carolina..
  • "Debt & Contract Dispute Resolution" training from Sachs, Savage & Noble, San Jose, California.
  • "Certified Mediation Trainer" from Mediation Training Institute International, Kansas City, Kansas.
  • Member - North Carolina Association of Professional Family Mediators.
  • Volunteer mediator for the Rocky Mount Mediation Center.
  • Volunteer mediator - Rocky Mount Ministerial Association.
Life Experience.
    More than twenty combined years in management and service on management boards including;
  • management board of a church owned pre-school.
  • management board of a church owned retirement center.
  • management board of a Bible college.
  • District Board of Administration.
  • Twelve years in pastoral ministry.
  • Nine years as owner and operator of a business with twelve employees.
  • Happily married to a wonderful lady since 1988.
  • Parent of two children.

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Conflict always hurts.

Regardless of how quick we respond to or how well we resolve them, conflicts in interpersonal relationships always hurt in business at church and in families. The ultimate price to pay for an ignored or poorly managed conflict in a family is divorce and in our churches, it is in souls. Conflict in the church could drive someone away from not only our church, but also from the Lord.

Personal spiritual responsibility.

No amount of conflict management skills will eliminate our own personal responsibility toward sin. Mediation is never an alternative to confession, repentance, restitution or prayer. Because Christian Mediation is aimed at reconciliation between believers, and not just at resolving a conflict, the mediation process often opens one's eyes to their own sin and responsibility. Mediation is not a solution. Mediation is a process or a tool which directs disputing parties or groups toward the solution without preaching, taking sides, sitting in judgment or legislating.

Scope and benefit of mediation.

Pastor Wayne is quick to point out to those who inquire after his services, that he is not a counselor, a family therapist, nor is he an attorney. Mediator's do not solve people's problems. Mediator's, through their skill at facilitating dialogue and in third party intervention, empower others to solve their own problems. Mediation empowers people in three vital areas of life.

  1. Mediation empowers people to solve their own interpersonal problems.
  2. Mediation equips people to constructively intervene when others are in conflict.
  3. Mediation teachers people how to communicate.

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  • Mediation.
  • Mediation training.
  • Family mediation, including estates and custody.
  • Debt and contract dispute resolution.
  • Group facilitation.
    As a certified mediation trainer, Pastor Wayne offers the following seminars.
  • "Pastor as Peacemaker" seminar for Pastors and Christian workers. (seven hours)
  • "Spouse/Parent as Peacemaker" seminar for married couples and parents. (three - six hours)
  • "Manager as Mediator" seminar for managers, supervisors, coaches, teachers and college Residence Directors. (six hours)
  • "Do-It-Yourself Mediation" seminar for any one wanting to learn how to manage and solve interpersonal conflict without the help of a neutral third party. (six hours)

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For a brief introduction to the field of Conflict Management from a Biblical perspective, study the following Scripture passages:
Mt. 5: 9
Mt. 18: 15-17
I Cor. 6: 1-11
I. Thess. 5:23
I Tim. 4: 1-16
I Tim. 6: 3-5
II Pet. 1: 5-9
Read the accounts of David's conflicts with Saul and Absalom. Then ask yourself this simple question. "How did David respond to being so terribly wronged by first Saul and then Absalom?"

In short; a mediator is a skilled, neutral third party who employs a time tested and proven process directed at finding a solution for disputing parties. Anyone can be taught to properly use this model in almost any setting.

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For more information, or simply to communicate about a situation you may be facing contact Pastor Wayne at:
(252) 451-1343 (H)
(252) 443-5785 (O)
2728 Stewart Ln
Rocky Mount, NC 27803

Peace Talk is a conflict resolution list administered by Pastor Wayne.

Peace Talk is intended to aid churches, pastors, and individuals in dealing with and overcoming conflicts. The list program was written specifically for Peace Talk to allow for anonymous posting, freeing up members to share their innermost feelings without revealing their identity. This list is open to all Christian faiths, but is Wesleyan Arminian in belief.

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Q - Why did the elephant wear snowshoes when he crossed the desert?
A - So that he would not sink into the sand.
Q - Why did the ostrich stick it's head into the sand?
A - Looking for elephants who refused to wear snowshoes.

A pastor, manager, parent or spouse who is trained in a time tested and proven mediation process is better equipped to prevent a conflict from sinking into a damaging situation than someone who failed to be prepared. Peacemakers do not 'stick' their heads in the sand when conflicts arise.

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