Troy Wesleayan Church

2150 Hwy 47 W
Troy, Missouri, 63379
636 528-0272
Steve Jones, Pastor

The culture might label us here at TWC as rednecks. In reality we are mostly rural people who enjoy rural kinds of things. We place a high priority on family. We like to take life as it comes at a rural pace. Our worship service reflects a love for one another and an authenticity in our relationships. We tend to laugh a lot. We cry with each other. We carry each others burdens. If you are weary of the hype of "church" and desire a simplicity in your faith and relationships, you might just enjoy being a part of our family.

Morning Worship 10:30 am Sundays
Youth 6:30 pm Wed. eve
True U Young adult class 6:30 pm Thursday
Podcast at
Worship Pastor Dan Jones



Loving God, Loving People

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Steve Jones